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Palazzo Madama: Civic Museum of Ancient Art Entry Ticket

Palazzo Madama: Civic Museum of Ancient Art Entry Ticket - Turin, Italy

Duration: Flexible
Location: Turin, Italy

From USD
One of the most monumental buildings of Piedmont, it houses the Museum of Ancient Art. Its collections include more than 70,000 works dating from the Middle Ages to the Baroque: paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, ceramics and porcelain, gold and silverware, furniture and fabrics that bear witness to the richness and complexity production of ten centuries of Italian and European art.

Palazzo Madama houses the collections of the Museum of Ancient Art. The visit, covering four floors, allows you to discover the history of the building as well as the works of art it contains.

The basement, down by the Roman foundations, houses the medieval stonework collection and jewelery; the ground floor is mainly devoted to the 15th-century castle and to the art of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. In the Treasure Tower, you will find the Portrait of a Man by Antonello da Messina. The Baroque rooms on the first floor contain the art of the 17th and 18th centuries, with paintings and with furniture by Pifetti and Prunotto in lavishly decorated settings. Lastly, the second floor hosts decorative art of all ages: ceramics, ivories, jewelery, fabrics, glass work.

The visit will help you understand the culture and artistic tastes of an Alpine and frontier region which was governed for six centuries by the Savoy dynasty.